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I have been researching and studying serial killers for over 40 years and I know a lot about the Ted Bundy’s, but what about the Aileen Wuornos’ of this world? These don’t get talked about enough. So, I decided to start this channel and cover all of the female murderers. There are far more than you can ever imagine. BlackWidows, serial killers and those who end up killing their spouse through domestic violence. Join me on a murderous journey of sweet nothings turning very very sour….



Join me on a journey to wherever my music will take me…

The main purpose of this channel is to document my journey of music production and songwriting. After being inactive for quite a number of years from the music industry, I fell behind on any knowledge and experience one would accumulate so I am making up for those years. 2 ear implants later, I am back. I hope that each video I upload is a step-up from the last one as I progress and hopefully get better. 



I like to dig into the unusual side of our universe, and learn the truth about the weirdest phenomena and anomalies that are out there. But what makes them all exist? Where do they all come from? From nature to science, our channel is a mix of informative, stimulating and entertaining documentaries that, hopefully, will quench your thirst for the WTF moments of our world. If you like learning something different every day, come join us on this journey of magical moments.



I recently changed direction on this channel to document my journey as a late-diagnosed autistic artist. 

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